• How do I use Planet Fundraiser?

    1. Download Planet Fundraiser through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

    2. Signup  by registering your Name, Email, and Password!

    3. Select a campaign you want to help and the group relative to you.

    4. Shop at participating merchants shown in the list and map views.

    5. Save your receipt and take a picture of it using our app.

    6. Fill in the total amount, the location, the receipt number(optional), and any additional notes (optional).

  • How can I create an account on the app?

  • Can I support multiple groups, and how do I switch between them?

    Yes, you can support as many groups as you like. In the app, the current fundraising group you are supporting will appear at the top of every page. Click on the fundraising group and a drop down will appear with all the campaigns you support and an Add Campaign button. Choose Add Campaign. Select the new Campaign you wish to support and the appropriate Group under that campaign. Users can support multiple schools and nonprofits. Users can only submit one receipt to one campaign at a time.

  • How do I take a picture of a receipt?

  • What receipts will Planet Fundraiser accept?

    The Planet Fundraiser mobile app accepts pictures of entire receipts up to the 5th day of the following month. Allow for 24-48 hours for your receipt to pend and to be accepted or declined. If your receipt is declined, then you will receive a notification stating so.

  • How can I reset my password from within the app?

    To reset your password follow these simple steps:


    1. Tap the Main Menu button in the top left of your app screen.

    2. Next press the Change Password button. A box will pop up informing you that you will need log back in following the password change. Select OK to continue or Cancel to stop the process.

    3. Enter in your email  and press the Send Password Reset Link button. Check your email inbox and spam for an email from Planet Fundraiser that includes a link to reset your password.

    4. Select Reset your Password Now to open the browser and begin filling in the appropriate fields and select OK.

    5. Open the Planet Fundraiser mobile application click the Already have an account? button and enter in your email and new password.

  • How can I find merchants in the app?

  • Does Planet Fundraiser cost anything for Schools or Non-Profit groups?

    While Planet Fundraiser is free of charge for fundraising groups and schools,  to ensure your success there are some things you should do. Your campaign manager will assist you with strategies to best reach out to your audience.

  • How do I Invite Others?

    1. Tap the Main Menu button in the top left of your app screen.

    2. Next press the Invite Others button.

    3. The following three ways to invite others will appear: Email Invite, Text Invite, and Share on Facebook.

    4. Select your preferred way to invite others.


    We encourage you to invite ALL your friends and family to join Planet Fundraiser. Each active supporter makes a huge difference in the local community.



  • What if I shop at an online merchant? (For example: SHIPT)

    If you shop online with one of our supporting merchants, simply screen shot your digital receipt from your phone. Then in the Planet Fundraiser app select the image icon at the bottom left hand corner of your camera screen on the app.



    You can also use the camera button on the app to take a picture of your computer monitor. Please be sure to capture the date, time, and merchant name.




  • What if my question is not answered above?

    If we have not answered your question no problem feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to answer any question you may have.


    Call: 888-340-3485

    email: success@planetfundraiser.com


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