School Band supporters raise $500  in one week! How your school can too.

Planet Fundraiser allows for parents, educators and students to donate to a classroom, athletic group, club, or to the entire school, without altering personal budgets. Schools all over Birmingham are now seeing the benefits of the mobile fundraising platform and noticing an increase in funds for classrooms and extracurricular activities.


Trussville City Schools, a foundation supporting the Hewitt-Trussville High School and Middle School bands, raised over $500 in a week for their cause by shopping at local merchants in their community. The band boosters had been taking band uniforms to Complete Cleaners in Trussville prior to coming on the App and they continue to use this location to donate by snapping a picture of their receipts.


Purchases at Nothing But Noodles, Piggly Wiggly, Chick-fil-A and Mountain High Outfitters from their 179 supporters on the App, have led to raising thousands of dollars for the bands.


Denise McManus, a parent of a band member at Hewitt-Trussville high school marching band, said parents are making conscious efforts to shop at Planet Fundraiser’s supporting merchants. McManus said she is constantly visiting Chick-fil-A throughout the month to help the bands out. “The plan is to use the money to rent and purchase new instruments,” McManus continued, “The Middle School band is in need of new instruments for 417 students.”


In early November, Trussville City Schools Band received their first check from Planet Fundraiser totaling $1,235.76 for the month of October. By making intentional purchases at supporting merchants, the Hewitt-Trussville High School and Middle School bands will now be able to fund purchases for new instruments, band trips and music.


Giving through Planet Fundraiser does make a difference. The simplicity and accessibility of the App makes for hassle-free donations to a cause or school App users are passionate about.

Local businesses are using philanthropy to reach more customers

Planet Fundraiser is a free mobile app that enables consumers’ everyday purchases at local businesses to raise funds for schools, charities, and organizations. Through grassroots efforts Planet Fundraiser helps businesses establish a solid social responsibility reputation. Businesses will benefit from teaming up with Planet Fundraiser through philanthropy to reach a wider range of consumers.


Planet Fundraiser attracts customers to businesses they may not regularly make purchases from. The charitable factor acts as an incentive for customers to buy from a specific merchant who is collaborating with Planet Fundraiser. Customers put forth little-to-no additional effort to make charitable donations to a school, organization, or charity.


With Planet Fundraiser, businesses do not have to discount products or create deals for consumers and schools will no longer have to rely on wrapping paper or coupon books to fundraise. Purchases made at local businesses are full-price, which avoids cheapening a business’s brand.


The App allows for easy community involvement since Planet Fundraiser has successfully collaborated with over 50 merchant locations. Planet Fundraiser is essentially a mediator for charitable donations between consumers and merchants.


Each month, Planet Fundraiser writes checks to nonprofit organizations and schools with the monthly amount of funds raised from percentages of consumer purchases at local businesses. Planet Fundraiser recently made a check out to the Alabama and Mississippi division of the National MS Society for $521.78, which was raised through users on the app and events. Businesses are now provided with the means to conduct community outreach without the stress of corporate fundraising.


Connecting your business with Planet Fundraiser is beneficial for your community. Businesses will receive an increase in traffic, customers will feel positively about their purchases and the supported fundraising groups will be able to reach their goals. Dedicating your business to being socially responsible is easily achievable through Planet Fundraiser.

How to not ask too much of your donors

Donors may feel overwhelmed by the amount of support schools, organizations or charities request. Fundraising is a delicate task, especially when addressing donors. Without the proper techniques and the ability to keep donors interested in a cause, fundraising groups encounter donor fatigue. Such establishments experience a decrease in funds and a decrease of a major, important public.


Birmingham entrepreneurs Kasey Birdsong and Drew Honeycutt created a pivotal outlet that will aid in the avoidance of donor fatigue. Planet Fundraiser is an app that allows for consumers at specific merchants to contribute a percentage of their purchase to a school, organization or charity of their choice.


By simply snapping a picture of a receipt from a merchant who has teamed-up with Planet Fundraiser, consumers are able to donate to a cause, or multiple causes, that they are passionate about. Passionate donors do not often experience fatigue withz raising funds for a cause, however Planet Fundraiser makes fundraising goals easier to achieve for the schools, charities and organizations.


The trouble of mattress and coupon book selling has been eliminated and replaced with a hassle-free technique for a whole community to benefit from.


Local merchants will profit from an increase in their consumer base, schools will receive consistent donations through the app and fundraising groups will benefit from an increase in donor attention. With Planet Fundraiser, organizations and schools will be at ease with achieving fundraising goals and therefore resort less to “asking” donors for donations.


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